What We Resist Persists


We are in the season of Groundhog Day, a time when everyone’s favorite cute little rodent determines how much longer we must wait for Spring to arrive. In our popular culture, Groundhog Day usually refers to the 1993 comedy in which Bill Murray plays Phil Connors, a television journalist who finds himself waking up each day and experiencing the same events over and over, no matter what he tries to do differently.

What we used to view as a fun, fictional comedy now feels all-too-familiar thanks to the COVID pandemic. We’re 2 years in—yet nothing is really changing and we’re still met with the same challenges day in and day out. It’s still Groundhog Day. How do we break the cycle?

Accept the current reality.

There is a common aphorism, “what we resist persists.” Meaning, that by resisting the current reality, you’re actually keeping it stuck in place. It wasn’t until Phil Connors accepted that he was living the same day over and over again, that he was able to take steps to change.

Lean into change.

Despite feeling uncomfortable, the uncertainty of change can actually lead to great things—if you lean into it. Try adopting some of these new approaches:

  1. Reverse your assumptions. As you become less attached to the way things ought to be—you’ll become more attentive to new possibilities.
  2. Be curious. Ask for advice and outside opinions. Make sure to receive information without resentment and anger—rather, with a sense of curiosity.
  3. Be deliberate. Don’t just let things happen. Make sure to evaluate any information coming in and critically assess decisions from a place of logic instead of emotion. If you find yourself feeling too strongly about something, perhaps take a walk and come back later to finalize your decision.
  4. Be responsive. There is a veritable mountain of literature being written about the “Great Resignation.” One thing that peers and leaders alike can do within this landscape is to deliberately conduct open conversations with each other about their talents, passions, and how they align with the strategic direction and to the benefit of your organization.
Shift focus.

Punxsutawney Phil just predicted another 6 weeks of winter—but you don’t have to be on his timeline. Start shifting your focus today from “How do I get through another year?” to “How do I build a culture that will adapt and thrive through whatever comes our way?” 

Because the truth is, even if things get “better,” there will ALWAYS be something. Uncertainty will always persist…if you resist.

Conscient Strategies was founded with the idea that every organization is capable of thriving through change. With a focus on strategy development, program implementation, workplace dynamics, and leadership development, Conscient Strategies equips leaders with the tools necessary to continuously navigate the constancy of change in ways that not only benefit their team, but, equally as important, their business outcomes as well. From mergers to c-suite changes to sudden or explosive growth, organizations turn to Conscient Strategies when change is threatening their financial health and cultural wellbeing.

Based in Washington, D.C., Conscient Strategies is comprised of a talented group of consultants, executive coaches, strategists, and account executives. The team has worked with organizations of all sizes in the private, federal, and non-profit sectors across the United States and Internationally.

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