Conscient Strategies and Vizient

Conscient Strategies provides Vizient Members proprietary access to Organizational Diligence Services, delivering the ability to evaluate thekey points for integration success, identify culture and operating related risks, and proactively mitigate those roadblocks to accelerate results.
“As healthcare M&A deals across the US are increasing back to pre-pandemic rates*, our services are providing Vizient members with a strategic advantage to maneuver through these complex integrations.” Nicolette Grams, Conscient Strategies Principal.

Why do you need Organizational Diligence Services?

When assessing an acquisition, organizations often prioritize financial due diligence, however 70% of mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve their objectives due to issues with cultural and operating integration**. Organizations that focus on leadership capabilities, organizational culture, and integration of operating models can generate their expected value as planned or faster than forecasted.

Organizational Diligence Services can find the right M&A partner through culture fit vetting of targets, delineating the leadership and cultural risks, determining migration strategies, and optimizing speed in integration.

Proprietary access for Vizient Members

Conscient Strategies provides Vizient Members with access to this proprietary offering to identify misalignments in leadership and culture that would impact healthcare executives’ ability to achieve investment goals, reducing the high risk of failure.

As a Vizient certified MWVBE (Minority, Women, and Veteran Business Enterprises), Conscient Strategies can assist providers in achieving Tier 1 diversity spend goals. Many of Conscient Strategies’ proprietary services – including Operations Services, de-risking M&A integrations – are offered exclusively to Vizient Members at competitive rates.

Why work with Conscient Strategies? 

Why work with Conscient Strategies? You have ownership, co-creating and owning the change. You achieve business results sooner and reach Return on Investment (ROI). You create a sustainable operating model that adapts as you grow.

 Reach your Diversity and Inclusion Targets

Conscient Strategies is a female founded and led management consultancy, specializing in accelerating sustainable business results for organizations looking to scale, transform, or merge.
Headquartered near Washington DC with a global client base, the firm has grown exponentially over the last 10 years. As healthcare experts operating across the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, the proprietary services offered by Conscient Strategies equip Members to mitigate integration risks and achieve sustainable business results faster.
Conscient Strategies are certified by both the US Small Business Administration and Women’s Business Enterprise National Council as a Women-Owned Small Business.


Conscient Strategies is a Vizient Awarded Supplier CV6060
Conscient Strategies is Women Owned and Certified by Women’s Business Enterprise National Council