What do you see? A field of strawberries? Look again. Closely, right up at your nose. Relax your eyes and focus. Move the picture away slowly. Now what do you see?
Innovation, mindfulness and leadership go hand in hand.
Leadership and innovation are about seeing differently, being open and mindful of all of the connections. When you bring those qualities to a situation, new patterns emerge. Mindfulness gives you the confidence in your vision; leadership is about helping others to see it too.
Over the last two weeks we have been having fun working with several organizations as they navigate mergers and reimagine themselves in a changing environment. Everyone wants to be involved, but it is important to acknowledge that only a handful has the leadership and vision to forge a new direction. Most staff see the strawberries; they know how to tend them and have great ideas to make a better strawberry patch. But the visionaries see beyond the strawberries and use their leadership skills to rally their staff to build that vision.
Subtle shifts in your environment happen continuously To be the best leader, you have to keep seeing the new patterns emerging around you.
Did you see the 3-D lobster?
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