Transition Leadership

Changes at the top cause anxiety for organizations. We help new leaders and organizations get aligned and minimize drama.

When a new president or CEO joins an organization, more than the name on the door changes. Whether they are brought in to shake things up or stay the course, the workplace will change, often dramatically. The new individual has different ways of doing things and seeing the world, and maybe even a different understanding of the organization’s goals and how to achieve them.

In many ways, new leadership is like a merger because it brings together the new executive’s expectations with legacy systems and current corporate culture. Many employees may fear this change and be resistant to the new executive’s ideas. We work with you to bridge this gap, to find commonalities and identify causes of potential conflict. We help executives to hone their skills and create high-functioning teams. We help you minimize unwanted turnover and clear away the anxiety and frustration that staff and boards often feel, which block innovation and progress.

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Transition Leadership