Team Integration

Avoid a culture clash after a merger or acquisition.


of executives cite cultural fit as critical to successful integration of teams.

Integrating people and cultures is hard.

Study after study shows that between 70% and 90% of mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve their objectives. This is in part because every organization has its own culture, its own way of doing things.

When philosophies, missions, management styles, and communications styles of two organizations don’t match up, friction is inevitable. It is important to invest time in reimagining the culture you want to see in your new entity, and weave that vision through your strategy, leadership, new processes, and workplace. 

    How We Help

    We help leadership plan for the “human factor” before, during, and after a merger or acquisition.

    Culture Analysis

    We dig into each organization’s culture to assess compatibility in areas that are important for successful integration and help develop a plan to mitigate the risk of integrating cultures.

    Strategic Planning

    We help you clearly define your vision and goals, and reposition your new organization for optimal financial and market success.

    OPERATIONS alignment

    We work with you to shift behaviors, processes, and systems to support a transition to a unified culture that best serves your new entity’s goals.

    Leadership Alignment

    Culture change is only successful if leaders embody the desired culture. We work with leaders to shift their own behavior and become culture keepers for the organization.

    Case Study

    Acquisition & Merger Integration: Overcoming Fears & Driving Success

    How we led the pre-merger discussions and negotiations and the post-merger integration of two international organizations.

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