Leadership Transition & Coaching

Align new leadership with your organization’s culture.


of new CEOs fail in their first 18 months on the job.

When a new president or CEO joins an organization, more than the name on the door changes.

Whether they are brought in to shake things up or stay the course, the workplace will change, often dramatically. The new individual has different ways of doing things, and maybe even a different understanding of the organization’s goals and how to achieve them.

In many ways, new leadership is like a merger because it brings together a new executive’s expectations with legacy systems and current corporate culture. Many employees may fear this change and be resistant to the new executive’s ideas.

How We Help

We work with you to bridge the leadership gap.

Identify hurdles

We assess the organization’s culture and the new executive’s goals and leadership style, and identify commonalities and causes of potential conflict.

minimize stressors

 We develop strategies to minimize unwanted turnover and clear away the anxiety and frustration that staff and boards often feel under new leadership.

Leadership Alignment

We work with leaders to shift their own behavior and become culture keepers for the organization.

leadership coaching

We help executives to hone their skills and create high-functioning teams.

Leadership Certifications

Case Study

Rebuilding Culture After CEO Dismissal

The CEO was terminated by the board following advice from legal counsel. When we arrived, the work environment was dysfunctional as a result of the actions of the terminated CEO. Distrust and suspicion remained. The board and a recently hired COO were concerned about reenergizing a relatively young staff and bringing the organization back to productivity.

Making changes at the top?

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