Leadership and Culture Due Diligence

It’s time to strengthen your due diligence arsenal.


of transactions fail to meet strategic goals using financial due diligence alone.

Savvy investors know that leadership and culture are just as important as financial outcomes to realize ROI. You can’t grow unless you have the right team. Effective integrations need data-driven insights about leadership and culture to realize maximum value.

leadership and culture audit adds depth to due diligence by evaluating two factors that are quantifiably proven to impact an organization’s ability to thrive after a transaction and in turn, optimize ROI:

1. Leadership Readiness

Leadership that is not prepared to scale and lead through change will inevitably derail even the best-laid plans. A post-transaction strategy is only as strong as leadership’s ability to execute it.

2. Culture Compatibility

Research shows that culture – the way we do things here – directly contributes to business success or failure. Culture incompatibility destroys business synergy.  No two cultures are the same. The way humans communicate, make decisions, and interact with each other drives your bottom line.

How We Help

We analyze your portfolio companies and deliver compatibility risk assessments to enhance transaction value. Our 2-part audit integrates seamlessly with your existing due diligence process and adds critical data to your risk assessment.

Leadership Capacity Evaluation

Assessment of executive leadership to determine readiness for integration and growth.


Culture Compatibility Assessment

Analysis of culture and workplace dynamics to identify red flags and determine compatibility against investment goals.

Did you know?

Our team provides post-transaction planning and support that keeps your investment on track.

From 100-Day Plans to integration support and beyond, we’re here throughout the deal cycle to ensure successful mergers and high value exits.

Gain actionable insights that help mitigate risk and drive ROI. 

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