Smart Scaling

Grow smarter. Grow sustainably. 


of the fastest growing companies fail.

Success can be fatal. 

One of the most difficult times for an organization is when it is so successful that it is growing too quickly, faster than its structure, processes, and people can support. This can challenge leadership and heighten financial risks.

Effectively scaling is not just a matter of doing the same things on a larger scale. Now is a time to change your strategic plan, structure, and processes—without losing the values and talent that got you there in the first place.

    How We Help

    We work with you to develop the structure, culture, processes, and operations to adapt to new demands and realities. 

    Culture Analysis

    We conduct a careful analysis of your organization and place on the growth continuum, gathering qualitative and quantitative information to paint a picture of where you’re at now.

    strategic plan

    We work with you to develop a comprehensive, living strategy around the unique needs of your organization that includes structure, process enhancements, and financial responsibility. 

    employee & stakeholder management

    We orchestrate teams to develop the cultures and behaviors needed to maintain productivity by diminishing the fear, anxiety, frustration, and distractions associated with growth and change.

    Case Study

    Partnership Alignment & Preparation for Sale

    With annual revenues growing, tensions mounting, and a deflated culture, Conscient Strategies assisted two partners in re-evaluating their objectives—resulting in preparing the company for sale.

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