DEIB is a matter of leadership.

Wherever you are on your journey, we can help you move forward.

At Conscient Strategies, we believe that DEIB is a matter of leadership; wherever you are on your journey, we can help you move forward.

Our role is to thoroughly understand your organization’s context and challenges to recommend appropriate solutions that will meet your goals and objectives. We believe change necessitates acknowledging and working with, not against, human behavior.

Our experienced consultants help bring diverse perspectives, lived experience, and professional expertise to each engagement. We also collaborate with a vast network of DEIB practitioners to meet specific client needs.

    How We Help

    We apply a human and culture-centered approach, providing DEIB-specific services to support leaders to:

    Evaluate & Analyze Gaps

    We leverage a comprehensive agile method and our proprietary framework  to develop a rich context and nuanced understanding of an organization’s current state and vision for the future.

    Set Goals & Develop Strategy

    We challenge and shift current thinking and practices through facilitated sessions using open, curious, simple, and reflective questions to develop clear goals and effective strategies for a desired future state.

    Design a Roadmap for Success

    We co-create an action plan to ensure an agile implementation of DEIB goals and strategy for continuous adaptation, even after the project ends.

    Drive Inclusive leadership

    We work with leaders to shift their own behavior to a coaching-based and team-first approach to become culture drivers for the organization.

    Operationalize your DEIB commitment

    We provide support related to governance, culture across distributed teams, program design, recruitment design, and other targeted support in specific DEIB areas.

    Align Values and Culture

    We use an iterative feedback loop to build DEIB goals and action plans customized to your unique mission, culture, and values. We review, revisit, and solidify organizational values.

    Case Study

    DE&I Recruitment Practices & Policy Review

    From the onset, it was critical to this organization to ensure that they included diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as the lens through which all work would be done, and when Conscient Strategies stepped in, they leveraged a DEI lens to evaluate strategic opportunities and embed DEI concepts into decision-making.

    Case Study

    Retaining Women as Partners

    A professional services firm was concerned about high turnover among women resulting in under-representation of women at the executive level and potential claims of discrimination. Senior Partners believed that they were taking sufficient steps to overcome equity concerns and did not believe there was bias or discrimination in the firm.

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