Culture Shifts

Enhance your bottom line by
creating a CULTURE that’s right for your organization.


A strong culture leads to up to 30% more productivity over your competition.

Culture can be a competitive advantage or a drain on your profits and performance.

American businesses lose a combined $11 billion in profit due to employee turnover. What is more, studies show that only 29% of employees are engaged at the workplace. These are troubling numbers.

Often, the root cause of this is poor or weak culture. Here are a few warning signs:

  • High employee turnover
  • Low employee engagement
  • Poor internal communication
  • Misaligned norms and expectations

How We Help

Whether the problem is one employee, an office or a team, or an organization-wide challenge, we work with you to take a deep dive into your current culture, and assess what is working and what is not.

Culture assessment

We conduct a careful analysis of your organization, gathering qualitative and quantitative information to paint a picture of your current  culture and help you shape what your desired culture will be.

gap analysis

We identify areas where shifting current behaviors will have the greatest impact, and build a plan to get there.

Leadership alignment

Culture change is only successful if leaders embody the desired culture. We work with leaders to shift their own behavior and become culture keepers for the organization.

operations Alignment

We work with you to shift behaviors, processes, and systems to support a transition to a culture that best serves your organization’s goals.

Case Study

Rebuilding a Toxic Work Environment

How we helped the CEO of a professional services firm increase revenues and build employee engagement.

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