Partnership Alignment & Sale

Case Study

Partnership Alignment & Preparation for Sale


Conscient Strategies assisted the founders/owners in a partnership that had experienced rapid growth to reevaluate their alignment and their objectives resulting in preparing the company for sale. With annual revenues catapulting overnight from $800K to $11M, the two partners struggled to manage the increased workload and scale their team effectively. Resentment grew as one partner assumed significantly more responsibility than did the other. As the relationship between the partners deteriorated, the culture of the firm suffered, and the future of the company was put at risk.


We leveraged our proprietary leadership and culture assessments to evaluate the capabilities of both leaders, the cultural factors at play in the growing company, and the dynamics underpinning the organization’s challenges.

What we discovered

The assessment identified three critical gaps that were driving significant risk for the business:

  • Tension between the two partner’s approaches to running and working at the firm
  • The lack of a defined culture and values that were tied to strategic objectives
  • The need to determine the optimal path forward

What we did

In order to address these issues, we provided a combination of leadership advisory services, executive coaching, and targeted facilitation to identify a set of strategic objectives the company and for their partnership.

We began by facilitating group sessions with both partners to identify goals of the firm and understand how far the divide was between the two partners. We also held individual sessions with the partners and with each member of the team to further understand the culture and to identify any opportunities to reconcile the tensions that were disrupting the success of the firm. The Conscient Strategies’ team drew on its deep business acumen and extensive experience dealing with cultural considerations as well as on its expertise in executive coaching and facilitation.

“Conscient Strategies has allowed our ownership team to recognize where our strengths lay and to develop a path towards alleviating many of the tensions that had been building over a two-year period of time. They helped us recognize that although we continued to expand rapidly, we had not changed the way we were working. Their professionalism, ability to facilitate and identify strengths and weaknesses both individually and as a company enabled us and our team to grow at a time when doing so was paramount.”


Through the engagement, Conscient Strategies:

Enabled the two partners to agree on a common vision of the current situation.

Defined a path forward that involved selling the firm.

Assisted the partners and the firm to prepare for sale and acquisition.

Helped the dominant partner to position himself with the acquiring company.

Did you know?

Our team provides planning and support to ensure successful acquisitions and high value exits.

From 100-Day Plans to integration support and beyond, we’re here throughout the deal cycle.

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Rebuilding Culture After CEO Dismissal

Case Study

Rebuilding Culture After CEO Dismissal

The Challenge

The CEO was terminated by the board following advice from legal counsel. When we arrived, the work environment was dysfunctional as a result of the actions of the terminated CEO. Distrust and suspicion remained. The board and a recently hired COO was concerned about reenergizing a relatively young staff and bringing the organization back to productivity.

What We Did

After conducting an employee engagement assessment, we held a companywide gathering. We conducted “truth & reconciliation” type meetings to allow the opportunity for grievances to be heard and responses given. We also acknowledged the point of transition and described the vision forward to drive the organization to greater success. Bringing everyone into the nature of the change process set the expectation that the road ahead will be bumpy, yet there is a clear path out of the turmoil. We worked with the board on their role, decisions and interactions with the staff to ensure that all parties were aligned with the actions necessary to stabilize the organization.

What We Discovered

The board demonstrated inconsistent behavior and oversight driving some of the instability surrounding the leadership transition. The organization was structured such that outside stakeholders beholden to the founders often drove much of the negativity. Staff were either not allowed to rise to their position or promoted prematurely, creating an environment where no one trusted the others on the team, including a clear “us vs them” divide between senior leadership and the staff.

Conscient Strategies discovered that staff were either not allowed to rise to their position or promoted prematurely—creating an environment where team members didn’t trust and support one another.


Implementation & Execution

Our recommendations and actions spanned a number of areas:

board management

We worked with the board to clearly define their role of a board and appropriate interactions with the operating team.

reset vision

We helped to reset the vision of the organization as a whole and understand their
importance to realizing that vision.


We coached specific employees to mature some of the behaviors that were exhibited by the team

organization restructuring

We restructured the programmatic responsibilities, processes and clarified professional accountabilities to optimize the productivity of the team as a whole.

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Toxic Work Environment

Case Study

Rebuilding a Toxic Work Environment

The Challenge

The CEO of a professional services firm was concerned that revenues had plateaued and that the firm was experiencing high employee turnover.

What We Did

Our first step involved extensive discussions with the CEO to understand his perspectives and objectives for the firm. We then reviewed the financials and conducted in-depth interviews with a broad sample of employees. These steps led us to conduct a preliminary market and competitive assessment.

What We Discovered

The primary driver of both the stalled financial performance and the high employee turnover was a hostile work environment. Many staff were high quality, and they quickly determined that the culture of the firm and the toxic personalities at the executive level were not to their liking.

Implementation & Execution

Over an 18 month period, our recommendations and actions spanned a number of areas:

Executive Coaching

We instituted intensive executive coaching for the CEO and select staff.


We modified meeting agendas and schedules to ensure that everyone understood the what, for what and so what of each meeting.

Culture Shift

We led the team in defining the desired corporate culture and put in place actions to make that culture come alive.

Staff Repositioning

As appropriate, staff were repositioned, and in a few instances counseled out.

Empower Employees

Changed processes and approval requirements to appropriately empower staff, and helped reset staff priorities to balance both immediate and long-term revenue generating opportunities.

Restructured Strategy

We restructured the firm strategy to reflect the changes in the market and competitive environments.

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