Case Study

Leveraging AI Technology to Engage Global Teams

The Challenge

Working with a client with a 20,000+ member presence on a vastly distributed global landscape, the challenges to consider were myriad. These constraints included orientation, socio-economic status, geographical diversity, and disability.

Lessons Learned

  • Human-centered: Age and user orientation were not effectively considered for this project. Challenges were evident with a dominant late Gen X to Baby boomer population of creatives. Looking ahead, future assessment designs will assume a more intentional audience-targeted approach accounting for demographic and social normative influences. In this instance, we will account for fewer lines of questions and more time for the creative minds, and more intentional socialization before the live sessions to get adequate participant buy-in.
  • Time zone divide: With geographical challenges due to varied time differences across Australia, Europe, North America, & APAC region, this presented a challenge. Layered on top of that is a predominantly (>60%) working population, and difficulties with availability were evident. We employed intentional approaches such as time zone converters to find the best common hours. We used multiple sessions at varying times of the day to capture the different time zones. Looking ahead, we will leverage asynchronous data-gathering methods to ensure inclusion and maximize reach.
  • Universal Access divide: Individuals living with physical disabilities are often disadvantaged when it comes to accessing the internet. They may have the necessary skills but cannot exploit the available hardware and software. Some parts of the world will remain segregated from the internet and its vast potential due to a lack of digital literacy skills, low education levels, and inadequate broadband infrastructure. Individuals on the autism spectrum and those with reading challenges may need extra time to comprehend text and compose a response with adequate cognitive processing time. Asynchronous data collection methods can be leveraged to offer more time for responses.

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