Case Study

Developing Financial Confidence in a new Executive Director

The Challenge

What started as a leadership transition project rapidly grew into a multi-month effort to help the new Executive Director of a literary association transform her organization with clear goals and an authentic DEI approach. Transformation required growing from a 50-year-old, founder-led creative organization with limited standards and a risky revenue model to a transparent, sustainable industry leader. Our early assessment revealed immature budgeting approaches, limited financial systems, and gut- rather than data-based decision-making.

What We Did / Results

Our team partnered with the ED to analyze the issues, build financial capacity in the board, and equip the ED with foundational financial knowledge. As a result, the organization was pushed to make data-informed decisions about its priorities, revamp its membership model, and address financial transparency issues. The most significant change took place within the ED who grew from a place of fear and financial ignorance to having confidence that she and her board could identify and solve the organization’s financial challenges.

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