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of transactions fail to achieve their strategic goals.

Private Equity and Investment Capital firms are looking for a return on their investment. But far too often, this does not happen.

After an acquisition or merger, organizations face productivity loss, flight of key talent, and customer disruption if they lack the information necessary to mitigate these risks. Financial due diligence can only reveal so much about investment targets—we work with Private Equity and Investment Capital firms to look beyond the numbers at non-financial factors such as leadership effectiveness, customer confidence, and employee commitment. The result is a more complete picture of risk and opportunity that adds value to the investment.

How We Help

We help at all stages of a merger or acquisition:

Non-Financial due diligence

We conduct a pre-transaction assessment of non-financial factors that can impact ROI. These include culture, compatibility, and communications.

100-Day Plan

We identify key value drivers and develop a plan for optimizing them during the first 100 days post-transaction.

integration Support

We stay onboard to ensure that the 100-day plan is properly executed, and provide critical support in leadership alignment, operations alignment, culture integration, and strategic planning.

Case Study

Acquisition & Merger Integration: Overcoming Fears & Driving Success

How we led the pre-merger discussions and negotiations and the post-merger integration of two international organizations.

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