Our core values

We integrate our values into everything that we do.

Analytical Creativity

One of our greatest assets is our ability to simultaneously offer rigorous analysis and fresh, creative solutions to our clients. We are intellectually curious. We seek out new information and are always exploring the what, why, so what, and how what behind new concepts. We actively share new ideas so we can develop as individuals, grow as a team, and help our clients achieve outstanding results. The ways we think and operate are designed to draw out insights rather than prescribe solutions.  We believe in constant improvement and are always pushing ourselves to iterate and think differently about the path ahead.  


Delivering high-quality results and services to our clients is the very basis for our business. Quality drives trust and is fundamental to our success, and we apply the same standards to ourselves as we do to our client engagements.


We are a diverse team made up of experienced professionals from across the globe. We intentionally operate as a team, rather than as individual contributors. We actively help each other thrive and seek out opportunities to design projects in a way that optimizes our team’s strengths and perspectives. Collaboration may include seeking out input, sharing feedback, brainstorming ideas, pitching in, acting as a thought partner, or co-creating a solution. In everything that we do, collaboration enables us to yield better and more interesting results.


Being a member of our team means actively sharing your perspectives and productively challenging both our thinking and that of our clients. It also means knowing that your own thinking will be challenged and remaining open to growing and changing as a result. Everyone on our team has different perspectives and experiences; we are stronger when we bring those differences together.

Proactive Accountability

We look for people who take initiative and reward those who set ambitious goals and develop their own thinking to achieve those objectives. Proactive thinkers can envision the future-state and know how to constructively bring others along in the journey.

We do what we say we will and own the outcomes of our actions, regardless of whether they are good or bad. We acknowledge our successes and quickly admit our mistakes so we can learn and grow as individuals and as a firm.


Maturity has nothing to do with age. It is an advanced way of thinking and being that is essential in our fast-moving, feedback-centric, client-facing world. Mature professionals are accountable, resourceful, innovative, take responsibility, approaching things directly, and have the ability to remain professional and centered when others are not. 

We proactively communicate with each other in an open and clear manner. We do the work to align ourselves and to ensure delivery of quality work in a way that allows our team to show up fully. 


Risk is a mindset. Risk-taking means being willing to put in the work to think differently and try something new, even if it doesn’t work. It also means assessing the result and being ready to pivot if the risk doesn’t pay off. Sometimes risk- taking can mean staying true to your values or what you think is right rather than going along with the status quo.