Our Philosophy

“Change before you have to.” - Jack Welch

This is the rhythm of success.

Implementing change successfully is key to long-term organizational success. Continuous change is imperative to grow, reposition, realize missions, adapt and leverage market realities, and optimize profits – in short, to flourish.  

As leaders innovate and set new directions, they must bring their people with them. Change is unsettling, even frightening, for the people at the very core of organizations. To pivot quickly, leaders must integrate the human side of change into their strategic thinking, goal setting, planning, staffing and operations.   

At Conscient Strategies, we are catalysts for consistent long-term change.  We engage stakeholders to shape vision, develop cultures and define the behaviors that grow organizations.  We partner with leaders to establish and nurture internal resilience. Our clients receive the tools and knowledge to continuously and iteratively drive change in their own organizations.

Change has a consistent rhythm all its own. Getting organizations unstuck is what we do. Increasing the velocity of success. Preventing you from getting stuck.

While each organization is unique, with the right support, all stakeholders in the throes of change move from a state of disruption to a new state of order. Each stage along the continuum is accompanied by specific emotions. People experience loss, fear, curiosity and then a fresh perspective and acceptance. 

Each person is at a different place on the continuum at any given time. 

There’s a danger of getting stuck at each of these points or in between. When individuals or teams get stuck, they can inhibit or cripple overall growth.

You may have already seen the rhythm of change in action at your company. You may be stuck right now. 

We work with leaders to meet people where they are on the continuum and bring them where the organization needs them to be. 

A resilient culture understands that the process is continuous, allowing organizations both to disrupt and to respond to change.  

This is the rhythm of success.