Real time planning. Real time execution. Real time evaluation.

Conscient Strategies uses an agile methodology. We will develop a high-level plan that identifies the key considerations and proposed activities, likely interdependencies, projected timing, and both early warning signs of potential problems and the major elements of success. When alternative solutions are present, we move forward quickly, testing ideas and assumptions continuously rather than miring down in extended conceptual analysis. Our approach enables us to make modifications rapidly. Because we build the idea of change into our methodology, we can shift direction as necessary in real time. We look towards the sustainability of our work with you. These methods become a tool that become embedded in the way in which you continue to run and grow your organization over time.  

Traditional approaches to
assessment and planning create highly detailed plans that attempt to define
every aspect of the organizational needs before implementation of any aspect of
the plan begins.  When circumstances change or assumptions prove invalid
as implementation progresses, revising the comprehensive plan requires time,
often involves rework, and frequently creates frustration. 

Using our agile approach, we will begin execution of the rapid-fire ideas to quickly assess their success. We strengthen what works best and eliminate other activities. 

Once we begin, we see quick results. Our agile approach enables us to adjust the plans on an ongoing basis as circumstances and situations change.


Strategic Planning in Times of Change

Our agile approach to strategy development and implementation helps clients who seek an ongoing way to fit their strategy with the constancy of change within the marketplace. Utilizing this approach, strategy becomes part of the ongoing operating practice(s) of their organization.

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