We help non-profits develop strategies, leadership, and cultures that drive impact.


of non-profit leaders feel they do not have the knowledge, experience, or resources to be successful in their current role.

Our non-profit clients bring passion to important missions. We help balance that passion with strategies, leadership, and organizational cultures that drive impact.

We work together to identify where in the broader market an organization can have the greatest impact. How do you position your organization among the others in the field? What is your organization’s strategy?

Successfully achieving strategic goals also requires alignment with the organization. We help to structure the organization, empower leadership, and implement a culture that will optimize results. 

Some of the key issues we often address include:

  • Strategy – What role will your organization play in contributing to the overall mission?
  • Decision-making and collaboration – they can co-exist
  • Leadership – many non-profit leaders are experts in the field, but how do they lead an organization?
  • Culture – what behaviors will help to achieve the strategic goals?
  • Scaling – How do leadership, structure, and culture need to change to create greater success?

How We Help

We work with non-profits to develop more resilient cultures that better serve their mission.

Strategic Direction

Develop and implement a living strategy that will provide guardrails and adapt with the organization over time.

Leadership Coaching

Ensure leaders are prepared to instill trust and lead effectively.

Culture Shifts

Cultivate a resilient organization to meet your unique goals.

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