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Finishing Strong

Endings are just as important, if not more so, than any other stage of the coaching journey.

Warning: Assumptions Ahead

We make assumptions all the time—especially when we assume that everyone else thinks just like us. Our latest blog works over how to broaden your perspective.

Deal Makers Interview Series: Jack Hendler

"One of the main reasons we have success is we bring the appropriate buyer to the table...Sharing the philosophical perspective supports the transition, ultimately decreasing potential unintended roadblocks." For the most recent installment of our Deal Makers series, we interviewed Jack Hendler, CEO of Avalon Net Worth, an independent investment banking firm.

Connection before Correction

Connection before correction is imperative for leaders. When people feel connected to you, they will be more likely to support you and receive your feedback. This concept is easy to understand, yet so easy to overlook.

What We Resist Persists

We’re 2 years into the COVID pandemic and nothing has really changed—we’re still met with the same challenges day in and day out. It’s still Groundhog Day. How do we break the cycle?

The Future of Work

The future is now, and in this new and unfamiliar context, leadership is more important than ever. It is the responsive leader and their high-performing teams that will thrive today and propel their organization into the future.

Deal Makers Interview Series: Scott Taylor

We interviewed Scott Taylor, attorney and principal at SmolenPlevy—a practice primarily focused on general corporate and business law, mergers and acquisitions, transactional planning and structuring, and business succession and exit planning.

Deal Makers Interview Series: Christine Jones

We interview Christine Jones, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Blue Highway Capital, a US-based investment firm growing small middle-market companies nationally, focusing on the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

Well-Being Matters

Organizations often have programs to support well-being, but what does this term really mean? Is there a connection between well-being and belonging?

Lessons from the Playground for the Hybrid Workplace

In today’s post-pandemic hybrid workplace, it’s up to team leaders and team members alike to keep an eye on each other to make sure that no one “falls through the cracks.” What can you as a team leader and team member do to make sure everyone on your team feels like they are truly involved in the team’s work?

Deal Makers Interview Series: Jack Tillman

An interview with Jack Tillman, Chief Real Estate and Corporate Development Officer for the largest health system in Georgia. Our conversation gives insights into mergers, acquisitions, private equity space, and how they get successful deals done.

Deal Makers Interview Series: Jonathan Moore, PKF

We interview Jonathan Moore, Partner and head of advisor services at PKF O’Connor Davies, a leading accounting and advisory firm. Our conversation gives insights into mergers, acquisitions, private equity space, and how they get successful deals done.

Getting the “Golden Eggs”

All leaders are charged to accomplish two things: to bring out the best in their people and to get results. Most leaders focus their attention on one of these domains at the expense of the other. In order to accomplish both, consider these three ways to focus on bringing out the best in your team while driving results...

Money Left on the Table

Investors who perform only financial and operational due diligence are leaving money on the table. Many private equity and M&A deals go wrong when the leadership or culture at the newly acquired firm isn’t prepared or capable of driving the growth and implementing the strategy desired by the investor. Learn how leadership and culture due diligence can identify risks and save money in the long run.

Rules of the Road

One of the resounding themes over the past six months has been: "share your vision with your employees, and then get out of the way." Learn how leaders are utilizing the practice of outcome-based leadership, and how the pandemic has inadvertently provided fertile ground for this aspect of leadership to flourish.

Conscient Leaders: Interview with Emily Barson

In our latest "Conscient Leaders" interview, we talk with Emily Barson, Executive Director of United States of Care, about how her team responded and evolved in many ways in 2020, and her advice on how leaders in any sector can effectively navigate 2021—and beyond.

The Future of Your Work Part 2: From Survival to Strategy

After a year of unprecedented workforce disruption, many leaders are finding that their standard approach to team management, communication, and decision making is no longer adequate. To manage disruption and move beyond survival, we recommend that leaders focus on culture as the core of their future of work (FOW) strategy.

The Dirty Little Secret of Change

Federal leaders often face certain challenges that are more pronounced than in the private sector. One of these challenges is trying to implement positive change in traditional “command and control” style bureaucracies.

Moral Leadership

As CEOs we have the opportunity to demonstrate what trustworthy leadership looks like and how to build respect in our organizations. We do this by acting as moral leaders with a focus on creating a workplace where everyone feels valued, heard and respected.

Leadership in Dark Times

It is undeniable that we are all in a shared space that none of us have ever visited before. As we all live in this new world of the prolonged liminal space between isolation and the hope of a vaccine, we leaders can make the difference between light and darkness.

Conscient Leaders: Interview with Dana Pauley

In our latest "Conscient Leaders" interview, we talk with Dana Pauley, Interim Executive Director of Leadership Montgomery, about how she’s leading her organization through change—and making time for her family and herself.

The Small Things

Gratitude comes like a whisper, quietly when we open our hearts and allow ourselves to take in the small wonders that surround us. I was out for my morning walk, wet hair, a little too cold for comfort and regretting my decision to leave the house without a hat when a neighbor opened her door and exclaimed, “you need a hat”. She came out moments later with a woolen cap and off I went wearing a warm hat and happily filled with gratitude.

image of telegram

Answering the Call

In the mid-1800s every American business owner knew that if you wanted to send an urgent message to someone you used Western Union. Their telegram service set the bar. Then Alexander Graham Bell called. On a telephone…

Conscient Leaders: Interview with Arun Mohan

In our latest "Conscient Leaders" interview, we talk with Arun Mohan, CEO of Radix Health, about pivoting a growing organization, evolving as a leader, and building resilience during a time when COVID-19 has changed everything.

A Conversation with Leadership Coach Amelia Truett

We sat with Amelia Truett, one of our executive coaches, to hear more about what it’s like to coach and be coached. We spoke about the power of questions, her path to becoming a coach, and the value that coaching generates for clients.

How do you move your organization from conversation to action? It might look different than you think.

As the national conversation surrounding diversity and inclusion continues to gain momentum, a simple yet powerful truth resonates: depending on their identity, employees experience the workplace in vastly different ways. With an energized workforce and an intensified spotlight on leadership, the time is ripe for action. But how? How do you move your organization from conversation to action?

Conscient Leaders: Interview with Al Johnson and Broderick Young

In our first interview for the "Conscient Leaders" series, we spoke with Broderick Young and Al Johnson, wealth management experts and founders of Reveal Wealth, about what it takes to be a better business leader in today’s world. Three things to focus on: Environment, Empathy, and Equity.

Culture in the Time of Imposed Telework

How are leaders maintaining organizational culture while everyone is unexpectedly working remotely? Recommendations focused on the tactical implementation of teleworking are exploding. How, though, does an organization continue to nurture the culture that is at the core of the business?

The Change Offensive: Part I

Whether proactively or reactively, organizations change. Without attention to these changing forces within and around them, organizations fail.

The Single Dilemma

You are single and have no children. Do you like your job more or less than your married...

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