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of associates leave their firms after being there for three years.

Regional and mid-sized law firms face several key challenges today.

Clients are bringing more work in-house, lateral movement of partners to new firms has risen dramatically in the past quarter of a century, big law continues to acquire smaller firms, and associates continue to leave at rates well above the turnover in other industries.

Broad cultural changes also threaten the equanimity and stability of firms:

  • Decreased loyalty among younger attorneys challenges the status quo
  • Senior partners tend to retire later, leaving next-gen leaders impatient and unclear about the path to partnership
  • Diversity and inclusion concerns and the #MeToo movement hover at the edges of law firm cultures

How We Help

We work with law firms to address common pain points and develop more resilient cultures that benefit profitability and sustainability.

Culture Analysis

We take a deep dive into your organization, gathering qualitative and quantitative information to paint a picture of your current and desired culture.

growth plans

We establish growth plans and structures to drive improved revenue.

succession planning

We develop a plan to transition leadership to the next generation of attorneys.

Case Study

Retaining Women as Partners

A professional services firm was concerned about high turnover among women resulting in under-representation of women at the executive level and potential claims of discrimination. Senior Partners believed that they were taking sufficient steps to overcome equity concerns and did not believe there was bias or discrimination in the firm.

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