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Happy Enough to be Successful?


Are you happy? Should you care about the happiness of your team? Should your organization care about your level of happiness? After all, if the company gives you the opportunity to work hard and succeed, won’t that create happiness? A win-win.

Traditionally, an organization’s job is to give you the means to become happy through your success.

But it doesn’t work that way.

In this very funny TEDx talk, Shawn Achor explains how changing the lens through which we view the world changes the business outcome.

Happiness is not on the opposite side of success. We have it backwards. Greater positivity (happiness) in the brain gives a positive advantage over the brain that is negative, neutral, or stressed. Studies show that employees are 31% more productive when the brain is in a positive state. Salespeople are 37% better at sales. Even doctors are 19% better at diagnosis.

Happiness causes dopamine to flood the brain. And dopamine turns on learning centers in the brain.

So helping your employees be happier is likely to increase your organization’s success.

That is a win-win.

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