6 Tips to Keep Key Employees from Jumping Ship After a Merger

with guest author Katie Lipp | March 23, 2021

While a merger is an exciting opportunity for growth of a new company, it can also be a difficult transition for employees. Here are six tips for how to improve employee retention during the post-merger integration:

Create Buy-in with Key Employees.

Before the merger, review the roles of key employees and consider how they may shift post-merger. Then have conversations with the employees to create buy-in for the merger and ensure alignment on any changes to their role. Finally, it is a best practice to have the key employees sign new contracts under the new company and provide them with a retention bonus to stay on post-merger.

Standardize Policies.

It can be easy for companies, and their employees, to struggle with which policies apply post-merger. Audit your company’s employment policies to ensure they are up-to-date, legally compliant, and standardized for all employees.

Get Employees to Acknowledge and Receive Training on New Policies.

Once which policies apply has been determined, there remains the challenge of ensuring all employees are up to date on the applicable policies. Some policies may be new to employees of one of the companies, or language may have been updated in the merger. It is essential to train employees on how the policies work in action and have a signed acknowledgment of each policy in their HR files.

Spread a Clear Branding Message.

Following the merger, it is critical to train employees on the branding message for the new entity and ensure that everyone is aligned on primary goals moving forward. By cultivating a shared brand message and understanding of the new company’s mission, you are encouraging employee buy-in and engagement.

Avoid a One-Size-Fits-All Approach.

Post-merger, employees are trying to see if the new entity is a good fit for them. Flexibility is key to ensure that employees do not get “my way or the highway” messaging.

Be Patient and Give it Time.

Post-merger, don’t expect employees to immediately snap into their new roles. Give transition time, coaching, support, and training on the company’s new goals and objectives. Patience is key.

Special thanks to guest author Katie Lipp

Katie Lipp, Esq., Owner of the Lipp Law Firm, advises companies and executives throughout the DMV area on employment and business law, with a focus on HR consulting and separation of employment. After assisting with hundreds of matters involving employee separations, many times related to a merger, Katie has tips to increase employee retention.

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