10 TED Talks to Inspire You in 2022


1. Derek Sivers: How to start a movement

With help from some surprising footage, Derek Sivers explains how movements really get started. (Hint: it takes two.)

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2. Lorna Davis: A guide to collaborative leadership

What’s the difference between heroes and leaders? In this insightful talk, Lorna Davis explains how our idolization of heroes is holding us back from solving big problems—and shows why we need “radical interdependence” to make real change happen.

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3. Linda Hill: How to manage for collective creativity

What’s the secret to unlocking the creativity hidden inside your daily work, and giving every great idea a chance? Harvard professor Linda Hill, co-author of “Collective Genius,” has studied some of the world’s most creative companies to come up with a set of tools and tactics to keep great ideas flowing—from everyone in the company, not just the designated “creatives.”

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4. Roselinde Torres: What it takes to be a great leader

The world is full of leadership programs, but the best way to learn how to lead might be right under your nose. In this clear, candid talk, Roselinde Torres describes 25 years observing truly great leaders at work, and shares the three simple but crucial questions would-be company chiefs need to ask to thrive in the future.

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5. Amy C. Edmondson: How to turn a group of strangers into a team

Business school professor Amy Edmondson studies “teaming,” where people come together quickly (and often temporarily) to solve new, urgent or unusual problems. Recalling stories of teamwork on the fly, such as the incredible rescue of 33 miners trapped half a mile underground in Chile in 2010, Edmondson shares the elements needed to turn a group of strangers into a quick-thinking team that can nimbly respond to challenges. 

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6. Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership—starting with a golden circle and the question: “Why?” His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Wright brothers…

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7. Elizabeth Lyle: How to break bad management habits before they reach the next generation of leaders

Companies are counting on their future leaders to manage with more speed, flexibility and trust than ever before. But how can middle managers climb the corporate ladder while also challenging the way things have always been done? Leadership expert Elizabeth Lyle offers a new approach to breaking the rules while you’re on your way up, sharing creative ways organizations can give middle managers the space and coaching they need to start leading differently.

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8. Charlene Li: Efficient leadership in the digital era

In business today, the need for innovation and rapid decision-making trumps yesterday’s drive for efficiency. How does this influence what it means to be an effective leader? Charlene Li explains that it’s less about control and more about empowerment: enabling employees to acquire the information they need, so they can make their own decisions. 

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9. Herminia Ibarra: What does it really mean for leaders to be authentic?

“Be authentic”—that’s what organizations, brands and people keep being told. But too often, following that advice can limit us, especially at work, says Herminia Ibarra, professor of organizational behavior. She proposes an expansive way to think about authenticity, one that will ensure we keep growing.

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10. Karen Eber: How your brain responds to stories—and why they’re crucial for leaders

How do the world’s best leaders and visionaries earn trust? They don’t just present data—they also tell great stories. Leadership consultant Karen Eber demystifies what makes for effective storytelling and explains how anyone can harness it to create empathy and inspire action.

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